3 Exotic Cigar Flavors

A famous figure in history once said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. While this may be true, such words of philosophical practicality and grandeur would still be lost on the hordes of cigar enthusiasts throughout the world. Living in the 21st century has been a wild ride thus far, with pitfalls and victories alike dotting the timeline. Fortunately, one of these many triumphs have come in the form of a perpetually advancing level of technological prowess. Cigar enthusiasts of the 21st century have been rejoicing in the effects these advancements have made for their hobby, as displayed below in this list of exotic cigar flavors.

1. Sometimes, it isn’t merely the flavor of the cigar itself that makes it exotic but the method in which it was crafted. According to a recent article by the New York Times, researchers in Emeryville, CA have created a line of cigars that are imbued with scents made from re-engineered yeast. Flavors such as saffron, vanilla and patchouli have been used with wild abandon throughout history, and with the aid of modern science, cigar fiends can enjoy the smooth exotic tastes of this wide world with every pull. These cigars are a marvel of ingenuity, and would be hard to envision even in the recent past.

2. Sometimes, the exoticism of the cigar comes from it’s very origin. Sometimes the story behind the smoke is like a flavor in itself, allowing the smoker to fall back into time to get a fly’s-eye view of unfolding history. A couple of years ago, residents of Miami were privy to a certain treat: the chance to get their hands on three pre-embargo Cuban cigars. The history behind these cigars is rich and almost controversial, making them a much sought-after piece for any collector worth their salt. In this regard, history became a flavor of its own to these three collector’s gems and would be hard-pressed to replicate.

3. While the previous two examples of exoticism are based in the literal plane, this last addendum stumbles out from the lines and into the realm of abstraction. The Bay Area once again takes home the crown for ingenuity on this one, as San Francisco’s DeLise Desert Cafe caps its menu off with a drink that looks like a chai tea latte but is in fact a confection made from the essence of aged tobacco. It is like the old saying goes, “a cigar in the hand is worth two in the drink.”

There is no foreseeable end to the possibilities available in the world of exotic cigars. There will always be another flavor with another story, and to that end cigar enthusiasts and rest knowing they’re secured.

Written By Ryan Cooper