3 Smart Winter Plumbing Preparations

Autumn is the time of year many people begin taking steps to winterize their homes in anticipation of freezing temperatures. Yet, the first freeze of the year often results in frozen pipes and expensive repairs. Homeowners can spare themselves the misery and expense if they make three smart winter plumbing preparations. Make sure to fix leaks, insulate pipes and protect outdoor faucets. Doing ensures one will enjoy the festive holiday season without the worry and expense of winter plumbing disasters.

Prepare Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets are just as likely to freeze as exposed pipes. Despite this, people often forget garden hoses and outdoor faucets when winterizing their homes. Homeowners can spare themselves the expense of repairs by detaching and draining their water hoses, and storing them in a warm place. If possible, people should cut off the water supply to outdoor faucets before insulating them against freezing temperatures. Homeowners can use plastic and newspapers to protect their outdoor faucets, according to CNN.

Fix Leaks

A small plumbing leak seems like a minor inconvenience until temperatures drop below freezing. The reality is water spraying from a broken pipe affects a larger area and is more apt to cause extensive damage. Rather than wait, homeowners should inspect all exposed pipes inside and outside of their house. If pipes are insulated, check for any sign of moisture to discover hidden leaks. Fixing hidden leaks before the first freeze will save homeowners money and protect their homes against water damage.

Insulate Pipes

Chances are most homeowners insulated their home’s pipes last winter, but that’s no reason to assume old insulation will suffice. Check any existing insulation to make sure it will protect pipes during freezing temperatures. Don’t forget to make sure all exposed pipes are insulated, including those in the crawl space, attic and even the garage. For an extra layer of protection, Ready.com advises homeowners let faucets drip during freezing temperatures to help prevent the pipes from freezing.

Waiting to winterize one’s home until after the first freeze of the season is a recipe for disaster most homeowners will regret. Take the time to check for any possible leaks inside and outside of one’s home, insulate exposed pipes and protect outdoor faucets. These three simple winter plumbing steps will help prevent extensive damage to the house, protect the home against freezing temperatures and save homeowners a great deal of money.



Written By Ryan Cooper