3 Things You Should do to Your Crawlspace Before Winter

Preparing your crawl space for the Winter season isn’t only about keeping it warm. You also need to ensure that moisture doesn’t leak in. This means constantly checking for leaks and making sure everything is airtight. Important components to your home’s functionality is present in the crawl space, so maintaining this part of the home is paramount in keeping your house comfortable.

1. Clean Drains

After the Fall season your drains may be full of leaves. It is important to keep the drains clean in the Winter season. If there is not a clear way for the water to run it will run into your crawl space.

Adding additional drains around the home is a great way to reroute water traffic. Using slanted concrete slabs with drains in the middle is also a good way to keep water out of your crawl space. Simply position the slab outside the doorway to your crawl space. Water that pools up outside the door will flow down the drain instead of under your door.

2. Insulate your Pipes

This is a necessity. You don’t want your pipes to burst during the Winter season. You’ll have to crawl under the house to make repairs during the coldest, wettest time of the year.

There are lots of options when it comes to insulating a crawl space. However, experts recommend foam spray to citizens of Buffalo, NY, one of the coldest cities in the United States.

To maximum heart retention in your crawl space you should use several types of insulation. Place fiberglass insulation between as many boards as possible and staple it in. Use foam spray insulation in all the corners, cracks, and crevices. You can also use foam spray as a sealant around the edges of your fiberglass insulation.

As for the pipes, special insulation is made for pipes. Polyethylene pipe insulation is the best product to purchase to wrap your pipes with. Alternatively, you can use fiber glass insulation and wrap it with plastic wrap and electrical tape to keep it secure.

3. Install a heat source

This may seem pointless after considering no one will be spending time in your crawl space; however, since heat rises, the entire home will benefit from heaters under the floor.

Heavy duty heaters, which are specifically made for crawl spaces, are available for purchase. However, it is pointless to use a heater in the crawl space if it is poorly insulated.

Don’t wait Another day

Winter is upon us, so don’t wait another day to insulate your crawl space. It can save money on your electric bill and prevent the need to replace or thaw pipes.

Written By Ryan Cooper