5 Creative Ways to Organize Any Move

It is no secret that any move has the potential to be stressful and exhausting. With some proper planning on the front end, you can minimize the headaches associated with your next move and have a much smoother transition to your new home.

1. Save on Bubble Wrap

Moving costs can get expensive, so any way that you can save a penny is a win. For fragile items, including glass candlesticks, nice silverware and figurines, try using your socks to wrap up the objects. You do not have to buy any supplies, and you would have to make room for your socks anyway. This minimizes packing space and costs at the same time.

2. Mark Your Cords

One of the biggest puzzles left to solve after a move is trying to match up electronics with their proper cords. Save yourself the hassle and take the time to label each cord with a marker and piece of tape so that you know exactly which device it is paired with when you unpack.

3. Pack Your Essentials in a Clear Bin

While labels for boxes can be helpful, you can still have to get through quite the mountain of cardboard to read them. For all of the essential items that you will need immediately after your move, you should put them in a clear bin that you can see through. You will already probably be exhausted when you arrive, so this could save you pointless searching time.

4. Vacuum Seal to Save Space

Even if you use cardboard boxes to transport your clothes, invest in some vacuum seal bags to fill with clothes inside them. This will cut down on space, but you will need to clearly label the outside of the boxes because it will be hard to tell from the vacuum seal exactly which clothes are inside.

5. Cut Down on Boxes by Recycling

You will inevitably need to use some cardboard boxes, but you can cut down on some of your bulk by using storage space in your hamper and baskets you already own to pack as much as possible inside. You can still slap labels on the outside of the baskets, but you will avoid having to go through as many cardboard boxes. For heavier objects, try packing them in wheeled suitcases so that you will not have to lift them. If the items are fragile, use clothes to pack around them for some extra support.

Written By Ryan Cooper