5 Easy Maintenance Tips for Lawn Mower Care

Regular lawn mower maintenance is an essential task in order to ensure your mower lasts you many years to come. Keeping up on just a few quick and easy tasks will increase the lifetime of your lawn mower and ensure peak performance. Most lawn mower maintenance can be done on your own and cost little to no money so it is a no-brainer to heed the advice that follows!

Sharpen the Blade
Making sure that that the mower blade on your lawn mower is sharpened regularly is a simple task and will ensure that your grass is cut evenly. You can either do this yourself if you are comfortable with it or take it into a lawn mower repair shop to have it done for a small fee. According to towayshomeowner.com, if you intend on doing this yourself it is a good idea to disconnect the spark plug wire to avoid the mower potentially turning on.

Clean the Undercarriage
If you are not regularly cleaning the deck or undercarriage of your mower, it is likely to be caked with dirt and old cut up grass. According to angieslist.com, neglecting this simple step can result in the clogging of the mower shoot. Other potential issues that can arrise from this are the corrosion of the mower or the spread of plant disease around your lawn.

Again, it is advised to remove the spark plug wire and/or empty the gas tank before starting this task. Once you have ensured it is safe to continue, use a brush or garden hose to remove any stuck on debris from the undercarriage.

Empty the Gas Tank At End of the Growing Season
According to thisoldhouse.com, unused gas left in the tank at the end of the growing season can result in rust due to the gas gumming up during the colder winter months. Running the mower until it no longer starts or draining the tank ensures that your mower will function as good as you left it come spring!

Change the Spark Plug
Changing the spark plug on your lawn mower once a year will ensure that it continues to start easy and runs at peak efficiency. To do this, make sure the spark plug wire is disconnected and then remove the old spark plug with a pair of pliers or spark plug wrench if necessary. Replace with the new spark plug and then reconnect the spark plug wire.

Clean and/or Repair the Air Filter
Running your lawn mower with a dirty air filter can result in reduced running efficiency and ends up costing you money as your mower burns through gas faster. It is a good idea to replace the filter once or twice a year, whenever it looks dirty, to avoid these issues and ensure top performance.

Keeping up on your lawn mower’s maintence by following doing these simple task will save you money over the course of years in avoided repairs and decreased performance due to suboptimal efficiency. Taking just a little time out of your day, a couple times throughout the grass growing season, is all it takes!

Written By Ryan Cooper