5 Killer Ideas for Teacher Gifts

Almost every graduate can recall at least one teacher who left a lasting impression on them. Unfortunately, not every student can think of something to give their favorite teacher on May 8th, Teacher Appreciation Day. This guide has been written in order to inform those students, or their parents, of some notable items to give that special teacher.

  • A Success Card. One of the best things a teacher can receive is tangible proof that they had a positive effect on a student’s life. While a simple letter covering a former student’s success and his current lot in life, there is nothing stopping him from sending a card loaded with illustrations and photos. Delivering the card or letter in person is just the cherry on top.
  • Crafting materials/school supplies. Teachers are mostly left on their own when it comes to doing anything special with their classes. Gifting craft paper, stamps or even just a gift card to craft stores can be just the thing a teacher needed. School supplies are just as welcome, especially when it comes to materials like spare pencils, highlighters and graphing paper.
  • Coffee. Teachers are just like any other professionals who start their day early in the morning; coffee is an appreciated means of waking up the senses and keeping energetic until the lunch bell rings. Any student looking to get their teacher coffee as a present should try to figure out if the teacher has a particular favorite flavor, or if they would rather prefer to receive caffeine in the form of chocolate of some other caffeinated drink. A student could go the extra mile by including a thermos with his gift of coffee.
  • Skill games. Any game that can foster social skills in a teacher’s class, especially if the student happens to like that game, is a good idea to gift a teacher.
  • Something from a wish list. Some teachers are a bit more proactive with their potential gifts than others. If a teacher reveals she had a wish list on a site like Amazon, ThinkGeek, or some other store, this cuts out a lot of the guess work in finding the perfect item for that teacher; all the student needs to do is to pick something from the list, have it delivered to his address and then gift wrap it.

Just like shopping for any other professional, giving a welcome gift to a teacher is a simple matter of research and awareness. Remember what supplies and equipment the teacher is often running low on, what she really appreciates and what she has dropped hints concerning and choose something matching those needs.

Written By Ryan Cooper