6 Great Tips for Decorating For Your Summer Party

Decorating for your summer party involves more than just putting plates and a tablecloth on a table and making sure everyone has food and beverages to enjoy. It also involves keeping pests away, putting up decorations that coordinate with the event, and setting up an area for games or activities so that everyone has something to do at the party. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to achieve the best party with friends and family.

1. Plan Ahead 
One of the important things about a summer party is planning ahead. While most parties are held outdoors, you should have a backup plan in the event that it storms or rains. Make a list of the food that you’ll serve and the people you’re going to invite so that you’ll have enough food for everyone to enjoy. Try to keep a pathway open in the yard to prevent guests from feeling like they are only supposed to be in one area.

2. Light The Way 
Consider having your party in the evening because it might be a bit cooler outside for your guests. However, you should have candles on the tables and lights along the pathways so that guests can see where they are walking. You could also use candles that have insect repellent in them to make guests comfortable. Rope lights are a good idea as well as they add a bit of flair to the party and often come in a variety of colors.

3. Tabletops 
The tables are perhaps the easiest to decorate. Using a theme for your party would be the easiest way to decorate. Examples include a luau with pineapples and bright flowers on the tables or a patriotic party for the 4th of July with red, white, and blue decorations. After putting a tablecloth on the table, place your centerpiece before adding decorations on both sides to balance out the table.

4. Use All Of The Space 
Whether your party is inside your house or outside, use the space that you have to its fullest potential. Use an area of the deck for grilling while one area is decorated for dancing or with comfortable seats where guests can talk to each other. Spread the tables and chairs around the space that you have to give guests a bit of freedom instead of keeping everyone piled on top of each other.

5. Disposable Decorations

When you buy decorations for your party, get items that you can throw away at the end of the evening. From plates and cups to balloons and streamers, find as many items as possible that you can toss into a trash bag so that you don’t have to wash or clean anything. However, if you know that you’re going to have another party in the near future, consider getting solid colors or universal designs that can be used again.
6. Create Zones
Section off the yard into zones to make it easier to decorate. One could be for games, one could be for food, and another zone could be for relaxing. Each area can be decorated with balloons and posters in bright colors as well as other decorations that coordinate with the theme of your party.

Written By Ryan Cooper