6 Perfect Looks For Your Summer Wedding

If you are planning on having your wedding during the summer months, there are many ways you can design it to reflect the proper summer atmosphere. Since most weddings take place during the summer traditionally, there are many proven ways that have been used to create the perfect summer look.

Choose The Right Venue

With so many different places available to host your wedding, in order for it to look and feel right, you should choose one with both an indoor and outdoor facility. If you live in an area near a body of water, you may want to find one where you could possibly have your ceremony arranged at the waters edge. Make sure the garden areas are equally set up with blooming flowers in all colors.

Wedding Dresses And Bridal Attire

Summer colors are vibrant and outstanding. Your wedding party should be dressed in matching colors of different hues and the pieces should be long and flowing. You may want to skip the tuxedo type groomsmen’s outfits and replace them with light shirts and dress pants. These will seem less constrictive and allow your wedding party to be comfortable in the warmer weather.

Your wedding dress should also be light and airy. Choose one with either an off the shoulder style or sleeveless. Chiffon is a material that is put into many of the summer dresses available. Keeping yourself comfortable on this day is most important. Headpieces could be a simple crown with a short veil or you could have a simple flower piece to place in your hair.

Appetizers And Dinner Choices

You will want to keep your food choices light in order to keep in line with your summer theme. Appetizers should consist of berries, light cheeses and citrus fruits. Instead of having a sit down dinner, you could offer your guests a buffet style.

Venue Decor And Table Settings

Your table settings should be simple with seasonal flowers in them. If you are given a choice of lighting inside, you should keep it in line with the colors you have chosen for your wedding.

Incorporate Some Art

You may want to hire an artist to come in and paint watercolor pictures of your guests. This is a big hit at many weddings.

Bridal Gifts That Fit The Theme

The gifts you give your guests should be made up of flowers and sprigs of berries. Simple and easy to make.

All summer weddings should be kept minimal and light. Flowers are the main ingredient in a beautiful wedding. Try to keep your guests as comfortable as you can even if the temperatures are high. You can find a lot of tips and how to’s online if you do research.

Written By Ryan Cooper