6 Unique Appetizers To Try For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time of year when the flowers are blooming, there is dew on the grass in the mornings, and weddings look specifically spectacular. When planning a Spring wedding, brides and grooms-to-be have the unique opportunity to be fun and adventurous with their appetizers, as the weather is not too hot and not too cold, meaning it doesn’t call for any particular palette. The following are six unique appetizers for stunning Spring weddings:


1. Mini Beers and Sliders
Is there a more fun and noteworthy way to start off the wedding reception than with mini burgers and beers? These tiny morsels will pack a big punch of flavor and leave guests laughing and wanting more, and the mini beers will provide the perfect taste of refreshment!


2. Bacon-wrapped Dates
Another perfect Spring-time appetizer is the bacon-wrapped date. These smoky morsels have a sweet aftertaste that lingers like the memory of one’s wedding night! They are small in size, but their filling flavor is anything but!


3. Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed peppers are a fantastic choice of appetizer for a Spring wedding because couples can choose the types of pepper as well as what they want it stuffed with. They can be customized with something sweet, like a yogurt filling, or something savory, like cheese.


4. Fresh Fruit Kabobs
For the couple who wants to stay local, fresh fruit on skewers are wonderful choice of appetizer. The selection of local fruits will vary depending on the month, but all will pair delightfully with a nice, yogurt dip.


5. Deviled Eggs
Nothing says Springtime like deviled eggs! Guests will be so delighted by this childhood throwback and will also appreciate the little protein packed punch this appetizer brings to the table.


6. Mini Spring Rolls
What a fun way to celebrate a couple’s love than with an amusing mini-version of an oriental favorite! Mini spring rolls are fresh on the inside and crispy and warm on the outside, making them a perfect Spring wedding appetizer.


Spring is a spectacular season for a wedding, and it opens up so many options for pre-wedding dinner snacks. Couples will be amazed by the array of appetizers offered for Springtime weddings, and their guests will be equally delighted. Be sure to have fun picking out the perfect appetizer spread and don’t be afraid to get creative with your selections!

Written By Ryan Cooper