7 Interesting Facts to Know About Making a Fishing Net

If you consider yourself outdoorsy, you probably have caught a fish or two. If you’re really serious about fishing, you’ve assuredly used a net. Have you ever considered making one of your own? It could be a serious game-changer for your fishing experience. Here are seven interesting facts to know about making a fishing net.

1. Easy to make

A fishing net is such a pleasurable thing to construct in part because of how little effort it takes. As you continue, you’ll likely find it to be an immensely relaxing hobby.

2. Few materials

Don’t think that you need to have all sorts of elaborate tools at your disposal in order to make a fishing net. With as little as gauges, material (such as nylon), and needles, you can make an impressive and study net.

3. Cost-effective

Consider the cost of the materials needed to construct a fishing net compared to the cost of buying one from the store. You could make a whole bundle of fishing nets for the cost of a single store-bought one. Plus, you have the bonus of knowing that it came from your hand.

4. Different materials

While most nets today are made of nylon or similar materials, you don’t have to be limited to that. There are all kinds of materials that you can use, including wool. If it’s strong and able to be weaved, you can make a fishing net out of it. Just make sure it doesn’t disrupt the health of the underwater ecosystem.

5. Doesn’t take long

Think that making a fishing net means that you’ll have to carve out your whole day in order to complete it? Think again. With enough practice, you can be making fishing nets in under ten minutes. Take your time when learning and see just how much it pays off.

6. Introduction to sewing/knitting

While you might not immediately compare crafting a fishing net to mending a torn shirt or knitting a scarf, there are certainly similarities. It all requires meticulous focus and patience.

7. Help to salvage damaged nets

If you have a fishing net that is ripped, you won’t have to throw it away. With your newly developed skills, you can make worn-out nets as good as new, if not even better.

Making a fishing net is about more than just having a new vessel to catch fish with. It’s also about taking pride in your handiwork and attention to detail. When you have a net made by yourself with care, you can feel all the more invigorated as you catch those fish.

Written By Ryan Cooper