7 Key Actions To Take Following An 18-Wheeler Accident

An accident with an 18-wheeler can be a scary ordeal. Such accidents may lead to you being in shock. Regardless of the mental state you are in it is important to eventually follow the recommended tips below.

Move your vehicle 

If you are involved in a minor accident, then it is your responsibility to remove your car from the highway. Sometimes moving your vehicle is not possible, especially if you have sustained an injury or injuries or if the vehicle is no longer drivable. If any of those situations apply then you should wait for the police.

Remain on the scene 

Some accidents don’t cause an injury or much damage. Due to this fact, some people may feel that there is no need to stay at the scene of the accident so that simply leave. This is not recommended because some injuries may show up later, such as back or neck pains.

Contact the Police 

This is an important step because it gets law enforcement officers involved. The police officer investigates the wreck, collects statements, and takes the initiative to remove the wreckage and debris from the highway and surrounding areas.

Request medical attention 

If you have sustained injuries let the law enforcement officer know immediately or call 911. An emergency service agency will then respond to your call or request by showing up to the scene of the accident. They will provide emergency care or they may transport you to the hospital if needed. Even if you do not feel any pain at the time of the accident it is still recommended to seek medical attention. In some cases, pain or injuries do not become apparent until hours after the accident.

Collect information

The law enforcement officer will collect information from each of the parties involved in the accident and you should do the same. Since you already have your information, get the basic information of the other party involved. Basic information includes: names, addresses, phone number, license plate number, insurance information, and the name of the company that employs the driver of the 18-wheeler.

Collect Evidence 

If you are able bodied then you should also collect evidence. Evidence includes taking pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident and the scene of the accident. Also, write down the names and contact information of any and all eye witnesses.

Contact legal representation. 

An accident can affect you in more ways than one. Bodily injuries can cause you to miss work or have an accumulation of doctor bill. In addition to bodily injuries you may also endure the mental anguish that prevents you from waiting to drive again. Due to all the damages that an accident with an 18-wheeler may cause, it is recommended to contact legal representation so that you will be properly compensated.

An 18-wheeler is a huge truck so any accident involving one is to be taken seriously. Your mind and body can be affected by the accident so it is important to follow all the above tips. Following the tips can help you to get through the ordeal and properly get compensated.

Written By Ryan Cooper