7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Montana

Montana is known as “Big Sky Country”, and while this is far from an understatement, there is a lot more to this glorious state than its natural beauty! With many great educational institutions, a thriving tech industry, and many close-knit, and friendly communities, there is something for everyone. To help you take the plunge and make your decision to move to Montana, we’ve brought together 7 good reasons for doing just that!

Many Amazing Cities To Choose from

Montana has many great cities to move to, two of which have ranked highly on lists of best places to live! Places such as Bozeman and Missoula are considered some of the most livable cities in the US, so if you’re considering a move, consider one of these great places for your new hometown in Montana!

Lots Of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor beauty and recreational activities are plenty in the amazing state of Montana! It’s estimated that over 80 percent of the state’s population take part in some form of outdoor recreational actives throughout the year which makes it especially enticing for the outdoorsy types!

Great Education System

There are many amazing colleges and universities in Montana which make it a great choice for those looking to continue their education. Whether you’re looking for a 2-year degree at one of Montana’s many community colleges, or a world-class 4-year degree at one of its great universities, you’ll find just the right place to further your education!

Thriving Technology Industry

When one thinks of Montana, the tech industry is probably the last thing that crosses their mind. Things are changing though, and Montana is home to a thriving technology sector which offers up many great jobs for those in the market and generates a lot of revenue for this amazing state!

The Brawl of the Wild

For those into a little community activity and togetherness, The Brawl of the Wild is something that may interest you. The Brawl of the Wild is an annual college football game between the Montana State Bobcats and the Montana Grizzlies which brings many people from across the state together for a night of fun!

A Haven For Writers

If you’re into literature and are a big reader, Montana is the state for you! The city of Livingston is considered a literary enclave and many well-known authors call it home! Some of these authors include Doug Peacock and Thomas McGuane, amongst many others! Many of the countries top writers call this area home and with organizations such as the Elk River Arts & Lectures bringing together lecturers and writers for readings, discussions, and workshops regularly, there is a lot of action going on in the literary world of Montana!

Diverse Wildlife

For animal lovers of all types, Montana offers a diverse array of wildlife to observe and coexist with! With a diverse landscape and ecology, over 100 species of mammal call this great state home! Some of the more prominent animal residents of Montana include bighorn sheep, eagles, bison, and bears to name a few!

If you’re looking to jump ship and move to a different state, Montana should be a strong contender! With a little something for everyone, Montana is hard to pass up. From its bustling tech industry to its vast wilderness and diverse wildlife population, it really does have it all!

Written By Ryan Cooper