7 Simple Wood Gift Items for People on Your Christmas List

Items that are crafted from wood are beautiful, so if you are handy with your woodworking skills, you can make some simple items for your friends and family this Christmas. If you are not a skilled woodworker, then you can purchase these ideas as well. Let’s take a look at some simple wooden gifts that you can consider.

1. A Picture Frame

Creating a picture frame for a loved one allows you the opportunity to personalize it. You can make it specifically for your mom or dad and fill it with a picture of you that they would adore, or you can decorate it to remind your loved ones of a time you recently spent together on a vacation. No matter the theme, make sure to include a picture.

2. A Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is the perfect gift for any female, but especially for teenage girls who are known to enjoy expanding their jewelry collection. The box will be a solid place to secure their valuables for years, so consider if you want to keep the wood surface or cover it with beautifully designed paper.

3. A Bird House

If someone on your Christmas list has a garden or an outdoor area a bird house would be the perfect gift for them. Watching birds is a relaxing activity, and a bird house is the perfect way to encourage birds to come to your door. It is important to know what types of birds that frequent the area that your friend lives in so that the hole can accommodate them.

4. A Knife Block

A lot of individuals simply place their knives in a drawer in their kitchen, but this can be an unsafe practice, especially for someone who does not know that they are there. If you have noticed this in your friend’s home, surprise them with a beautiful wooden knife block to house all of their knives.

5. A Cutting Board

Cutting boards do not last forever, especially when they are used quite often during food preparation. A great gift for any friend or family member who enjoys cooking is a nice new cutting board, and if you are crafting the board yourself, you can even personalize it or give it a design that they will enjoy.

6. Wooden Serving Utensils

Items like wooden spoons, spatulas, and forks are extremely useful in the kitchen. If you are looking for a simple gift for a person who loves to cook, then these types of wooden utensils will be perfect.

7. A Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are often needed in the kitchen while you are cooking, and a paper towel holder allows you to get a paper towel without touching the entire roll. Consider your friend’s kitchen and decide which type of wooden paper towel holder will work best for them.

Many things can be crafted from wood and painted or finished to look spectacular. What are some simple wooden gift ideas that you love?

Written By Ryan Cooper