7 Tips for Electrical Safety

Electricity is integrated into almost every part of our lives, and using it without putting in safety measures could lead to damage and severe self-harm. Every year, thousands of people do not use proper procedures when dealing with their electricity at home. When you don’t know how to properly use electricity safely in your home, it can result in some severe injuries and electrical fires that could quickly take down an entire home. By learning and following the below tips on electrical safety, you can easily prevent any injuries and fires from happening.
Getting acquainted with your home electrical panel is of utmost importance. Essentially, the panel is like one giant light switch with smaller switches within it that control the electricity that goes out into your home. It has a main breaker that controls the panel and smaller switches control each room in the home. If some of the breakers trips, you can turn them off and on to reset them so they can go on working properly, however, if it trips again immediately you could potentially have an electrical problem that could cause a fire. Simply have an electrician come out for a consultation to see what is going on!
Grounding your older appliances will protect you from electric shock, injury, or fire. This means that you connect appliances to an electrical neutral so that the breaker automatically trips of there is any type of fault.
If by some unfortunate circumstance an electrical fire should happen, remember not to throw fire on it. Water conducts electricity and would only end up making the fire worse. Remember to instead always use a fire extinguisher to put out an electrical fire.
Always use extension cords the way they are supposed to be used. First, make sure it is the appropriate size for what it is connecting, never connect extensions cords to each other and never put them across doorways or under carpets as it can cause a fire.
Switches and outlets can come loose from the stud in the wall. Any face plates that are warm when touched means that there are existing electrical issues too. If there are existing issues coupled with a loose stud could result in a fire happening and catching on quickly.
Immediately take appliances out of a plug if they are working incorrectly or are causing sparks. If you are cleaning or repairing an appliance, always unplug it to avoid shock. Always cut the power to the outlets before making repairs or investigating anything at all.
Never hire an electrician that isn’t both qualified and licensed. Working with electricity can be dangerous so use someone who is qualified and trained to work with it to avoid any injury or damages.
Electricity is a tricky business! It can be dangerous to work with it, but putting forth these safety procedures can keep you and your home safe!


Written By Ryan Cooper