7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift

For years, gift giving has been the best way to show appreciation and care, to friends, spouses and, family or colleagues, pets and acquaintances. Furthermore, presents are the perfect way to express emotions and thoughts to another person without the need to verbally communicate.

Finding the perfect gift can be a headache especially when the idea of choosing a bad one haunts you every step of the process. Yes, selecting a gift is a process and a lot of variables have to be considered to avoid disappointing the recipient of the present.

1. Examine the relationship between the person you are purchasing the gift for and you

Relationships form the base of every encounter in life. They are one of the most natural pointers, especially when finding the perfect gift. The relationship category might be an acquaintance, colleague, friend, family or even your spouse. Consider how you relate with the person who is going to receive the gift and then choose the best gift. You wouldn’t give your fiancé the same gift you would give your colleague. There is a clear distinction between the degrees of both relationships.

2. Think of the message you want to send or emotions you seek to evoke

Every gift comes with its own emotion. Unique emotions found in most of the ordinary gifts in gift shops include love, care, an excitement. It is therefore vital to take care not to send the wrong unintended message whenever we are selecting gifts.

3. Occasion

Gifts vary by circumstance. The most common events are birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies among many other. Considering the occasion makes it easy to find the perfect gift.

4. Personal likes and interests

Many people love gifts that speak to their inner self. Everyone prefers a gift that shows that you know them well enough. A gift selected without knowing the person has no use and is most likely not even a gift in the first place.

If someone is interested in art, get them a painting or even a paint set for them to start painting. If someone is interested in reading, get them a book.

5. What do they need?

There is no use of buying someone a gift that would end up in the memorabilia basket and never be used. Finding out what the person needs or lacks is critical. Little decent stalking would help in cases where you do not know what the other person needs.

6. Examine the past

Examining the reactions and emotions people show when talking about past gifts might help you in deciding which charity to take home. It would be advisable to avoid gifts which the person speaks negatively of.

7. Ask

When all has failed, ask. It is the simplest way of knowing what the person wants. It might seem like a shortcut, but most people would appreciate if you dared to seek to understand what they wanted before you went ahead and made the decision yourself.

All said, finding the perfect gift might prove to be a very daunting task. It requires a lot of time, financial and energy input. With patience, strategical planning and using the tips as mentioned earlier, finding the perfect gift might eventually turn out to be just as easy as it sounds!

Written By Ryan Cooper