8 Gym Etiquette Tips to Follow

If you are new to going to a fitness center or it has been awhile and you need a bit of a refresher – it is important to know about gym etiquette. There are certain things that should be done and certain things that should not be done when you are at the gym. Here are the top 8 gym etiquette tips to follow:


  1. If you use it, you wipe it –

One of the things that disgust people the most is when people use a machine and leave it all gross and sweaty. After you leave a machine, wipe it down with the spray and wipes that your gym provides to make sure everything is sanitary.

  1. Give space –

Make sure you don’t over crowd someone, make sure that their personal space is not compromised and that they have enough space to do their workout safely.

  1. Be careful with selfies

Selfies are commonplace just about everywhere. However, there are some instances where taking a selfie is not appropriate.

  1. Do not take a selfie in the locker room
  2. If you are trying to take a selfie in an open area, make sure you will not get a shot of someone else that may be near by
  3. Don’t let your workouts suffer because you are taking too many selfies – it is annoying seeing people sitting on their phones or in front of the mirror taking selfies while everyone else is working hard
  1. Keep your eyes to yourself –

Going to a gym or fitness center can make some people self-conscious as they imagine that people are staring at them or judging them. The gym isn’t the place to get a date or to be judgmental. Keep your eyes to your own workout.

  1. Respect headphones –

If someone has headphones on, they are sending a signal that they want to concentrate and be left alone. Unless it is an emergency, don’t bother them.

  1. Leave it how you found it –

If you use a piece of equipment or gear like dumbbells or a yoga ball, after you are done using it – return it back to where you got it.

  1. Take care of your hygiene –

Hygiene is important whether you go to the gym or not. Make sure you shower regularly and apply deodorant/antiperspirant – this not only benefits you directly, but those around you as well.

  1. Be respectful of dress code rules – Dress codes are often present in fitness facilities. They are in place for safety and sanitary reasons, so it is important to ensure that you follow them.


When going to the gym, it is important to treat others with respect and have good etiquette.

Written By Ryan Cooper