Accent Walls: Making a Powerful Statement in Any Room

Creating an accent wall in a room is one of the boldest and most powerful ways to make a unique design statement in your home. An accent wall adds elements of visual and sometimes even architectural interest to the room, and can be used to enhance an existing focal point or to create a new focal point in the room.

Enhancing An Existing Focal Point

To enhance an existing room focal point like a fireplace, the design added to the wall is placed around the fireplace, which draws the eye to that wall. Interest can be created with a contrasting color of paint, or by using a paint shade several shades darker than the rest of the room. Design elements like stripes or geometric shapes can also be painted on your wall to create an inspired look. Choose paint colors that are currently trending, by using design magazines or websites. Colors trending today include bright colors like turquoise and shades of tangerine orange.

Other existing focal points can be an oddly shaped window or a large bookcase that covers the wall. A window can be enhanced with drapes on either side, with the wall painted an interesting color. A bookcase or rows of shelves can feature accents like books, souvenirs from travels, statues, framed photographs, unique vases or pottery to draw the eye to your accent wall.

Other Ways To Create A Unique Accent Wall

Another interesting way to create an accent wall is to hang a large piece of artwork on the wall that almost covers it. Bright colors will attract the eye, as well as interesting themes of your chosen painting. Once you’ve hung the artwork, display pretty lighted sconces on either side of it or a light above it to highlight it. You can even paint a large wall mural on the wall or have one painted for you to create your accent wall.

Specialized painting techniques can also be used in fascinating ways to create an accent wall. Try using techniques that create a faux leather look, or the look of stone, wood, metal or brick for visual artistry. This can give your wall an interesting textured look, or can give it a weathered appearance.

Your Personality Shines Through Your Accent Wall

No matter what method you choose to fashion your accent wall, the most important thing is to let your personality shine in your creation. This helps you design a room that you’re proud of and will love spending time in. It also creates a room that you’ll love to show to others. Accent walls are a wonderful way to spice up any room and create visual interest, whether you choose subtle or bold accents.

Written By Ryan Cooper