Can you write a check to yourself to get cash at WalMart?

Walmart gained a reputation as one of the top retail stores in the world. Everything from clothing to sporting goods to food can be purchased beyond the doors of a local Walmart. While mostly everyone knows Walmart stands as a retail giant, few know about a number of the other services the store offers. Somewhat overlooked may be the check cashing services Walmart provides.

Upon learning that Walmart cashes checks, you may be wondering “Can I make a check out to myself and cash it?” A quick review of Walmart’s rules regarding check cashing reveals the answer.

Personal Checks Not Accepted

The short answer here is personal checks cannot be cashed. Neither personal checks you make out to yourself or checks others make out to you are acceptable. Walmart lists six types of checks that can be cashed at any one of the store’s registers. Personal checks do not appear on the list. Checks from government agencies, employer payroll checks, 401(k) disbursement checks, settlement checks from insurance companies, and cashiers’ checks.

Technically, cashiers’ checks could be cashed if you made one out to yourself but this would be an odd thing to do. You must purchase a cashiers’ check with a cash advance from a credit card or a cash withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Any with access to cash from another source wouldn’t need to get cash from a personal check.

Additionally, Walmart will cash MoneyGram money orders. These money orders would need to be ones purchased at a Walmart location, though. Buying a MoneyGram money order elsewhere would nullify the ability to cash it out.

Concerns Over Personal Checks

Likely, Walmart won’t cash a personal check due to worries about the check coming from an account with insufficient funds. Bouncing a check made out for cash could create a lot of legal woes for the person who does it. In addition to paying fees for bouncing the check and repaying the cashed-out money, you could face criminal charges for passing a bad check. Walmart’s rules allow for cashing a check up to a maximum amount of $5,000. Cashing out several thousand dollars on a bounced check could lead to an arrest and felony charges.

Seek Out Other Options

While making out a check to yourself won’t be accepted at Walmart, other venues will cover this type of check cashing. Check local business directories to find the nearest check cashing agency. Walmart, however, cannot provide any help.

Written By Ryan Cooper