Beginner Fisherman: 4 Essential Equipment Items You Need

If you are a novice fisherman, you need to have a few important items to be able to start fishing like a professional. The right supplies will give you an advantage and will help you to be able to fish with ease. Before you get out on the water, make sure that you stock up on all of the right supplies.

Fishing Rod
The most important piece of equipment that you will have for your fishing excursion is your fishing rod. You can choose from many different types depending on where you are going to be fishing and the size of fish you are looking to catch. You should decide if you are going to want to fish with a spin-cast, spinning, bait cast, or fly fishing rod.

Tackle Box and Tackle
Tackle boxes and the tackle you put inside of them are very important. You want to make sure that you choose hooks, weights, and lures that will be right for the type of fishing that you plan on doing. There are many different types of tackle boxes, so you should be sure to find one that has enough room to hold all of your items. You should also find one that is going to be easy to carry around and that is going to be comfortable to use.

Fishing Cooler or Fishing Bags
A fishing cooler or bag will allow you to keep the fish you catch during your trip on ice. You can choose from different sizes depending on what you need. Look for coolers or fishing bags that are going to allow you to easily store your fish until you get home. You want to make sure that you find a cooler or bag that is going to be big enough for your needs. Also consider the weight of the cooler and remember that you are going to have to be carrying it back with fish inside of. You may want to go with a lightweight option instead of a bulky one.

Casting Net
If you are going to be throwing out a net to catch your own bait, be sure to have the best net for your needs. Choose a net that is the right mesh size and weight so that you can get bait that is going to help you catch the fish you want. Beginner fishermen may also want to bring along some extra bait just in case there is no fresh bait to be caught.

Fishing can be a fun sport if you have the right equipment. Be sure to have everything that you need upfront so that you can have the best experience possible.



Long live the lungs: 3 Treatment Options for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis occurs when the tissue in the lungs becomes scarred. The damaged tissue becomes stiff and thick and makes it difficult for the lungs to work properly. The condition is characterized by shortness of breath, tiredness, a dry cough and unexplained weight loss.

Airborne toxins, cancer treatments and medical conditions, such as pneumonia or rheumatoid arthritis, can cause pulmonary fibrosis to occur. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease. However, treating the disease with the following options can help to prevent the condition from worsening and improve symptoms.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Because people who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis often experience breathlessness, participating in pulmonary rehabilitation can help to restore lung function. The rehabilitation consists of exercises that will help to condition and strengthen the lungs so a patient can function in their daily life without feeling breathless. Both breathing exercises and exercise training are part of pulmonary rehabilitation as well as techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

As a part of rehabilitation, many doctors recommend lifestyle changes to patients such as managing their weight, quitting smoking and getting vaccinated to prevent influenza and pneumonia from occurring and worsening the condition.


Corticosteroids can be prescribed by a doctor to suppress the immune system, which will decrease inflammation in the lungs and make breathing easier. Acetylcysteine is often prescribed along with corticosteroids. Acetylcysteine is derived from a naturally occurring amino acid. Taken together they can help slow the progression of pulmonary fibrosis.

Pirfenidone is an anti-inflammatory that can also be prescribed to reduce inflammation in the lungs and improve breathing. Additionally, N-acetylcysteine is another popular option. It is an antioxidant that is taken by mouth several times a day and it can help to prevent lung damage.

Lung Transplantation

For younger patients who are no longer responding to other treatment options, a lung transplantation has been proven to improve lung function and quality of life. In one study, 79 percent of patients were still living one year after the surgery and 39 percent were still alive five years later. Patients must first be carefully evaluated before being placed on the transplant waiting list. They must prove that they have adhered to other treatments, are in good health, are at an ideal weight and have a support system in the form of family and friends.

Treatment options, such as pulmonary rehabilitation and medications, can be changed by a doctor as the disease progresses. Because pulmonary fibrosis is different from person to person, treatment plans should be individualized by each patient’s situation and disease stage. A medical doctor will be able to decide what options are best for each patient and if a lung transplantation is the best option for treating the disease.


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Everyday Brunch: 5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Meal of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, lunch is a mini-vacation from work, and dinner is time spent with people you care about. That’s all very nice, but something is missing: that little rogue meal called “brunch.” Brunch is the hybrid, the nonconformist, the, “I’m not gonna play by your stinkin’ rules,” meal, and that’s why we love it.

What makes brunch the best meal of the day?

1. You get to sleep in!

Some people leap out of bed at dawn with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts. You are not those people. What they don’t seem to understand is that sleep is very, very important. Just ask the Huffington Post.

Brunch understands. Brunch wants you to stay snuggled away in dreamland just as long as you want. It will be there when you roll out of bed at ten, gorgeous and refreshed and ready to ease your way into the day.

2. Mimosas, mimosas, mimosas!

Ahh, that classic beverage of brunch: the mimosa. The drink equivalent of hiding a trashy novel behind your textbook, the mimosa blends healthy, wholesome orange juice with naughty, party-time champagne.

If you want to know how to make the “official” mimosa, turn to Wikipedia. If you just want to splash some o.j. and champagne in a glass and call it good, that’s okay, too. The bottom line is that only brunch will let you imbibe before noon with a wink instead of a moue.

3. Breakfast food. Lunch food,any food

Having brunch gives you the air of being among the leisured classes. Haggard, overworked people with “responsibilities” don’t have brunch. You, on the other hand, have time to relax, and float and enjoy. People who wear silk and linen and take their meals on the decks of yachts have brunch. You may not be quite there, but you can pretend!


4 Great Ways to Save at the Gas Pump

One of the biggest expenses the average family has to pay for every week is gas. Unless you live in a city with public transportation, using an automobile is absolutely necessary to commute to work, buy groceries and do many other things. While gas prices may rise and fall seemingly at random, there are thankfully ways to consistently save at the pump. Below are four such strategies.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should check your tire pressure once a month. Making sure your tires are properly inflated can increase your gas mileage by as much as 3.3 percent. This can create significant savings rather quickly.

Properly inflated tires are also far safer. Underinflated tires can lead to blow-outs. A blown-out tire can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. It’s a common cause of accidents.

2. Keep Your Tank Closer to Full

It may seem illogical. Most people may assume filling up more often may cause them to be less economical in regards to paying for gas. This is not true. What you may not know is that operating your vehicle on or near empty means your car is actually consuming more gas. This is due to the fact that when your tank is less full your car is running less efficiently.

A good rule of thumb is to fill up your car when you have a little less than half a tank. This is also far safer since you will be less likely to run out of gas while on the road.

3. Choose Your Gas Stations Strategically

Not every gas station charges the same for unleaded and premium fuel. One way to save is to try to choose gas stations that are charging less for gas. Many radio stations, websites and smart phone apps track the price of gas in cities and can alert residents of where to find the best deal on fuel.

There are also other factors you should be aware of. Certain states tend to have cheaper gas than others.According to Forbes, Ohio tends to have the cheapest in the country. This can be useful information if you are traveling. Freeway gas stations also tend to charge a premium for gas compared to others.

4. Drive Strategically

How you drive your car is also a big factor in regards to your fuel economy. Avoid idling. It wastes gas. If you need to wait at a fast food drive-through, for example, turn off your car until your food arrives. Also try to take routes that do not require constant stopping and starting. If free of traffic congestion, an interstate highway is likely to result in less fuel consumption than a city street with intersection after intersection.


Person Centered Planning: Focusing on The Individual

When a family member is experiencing a chronic or serious disability or illness or when they are aging and may need extra support and services, person centered planning is often used to help. This is an approach to aid and care that puts the individual first and asks them directly about what they want and need in terms of help. It is the ideal way to deal with these often very difficult situations in care.

Each process will be customized in a different way, and that is why it is person centered. But in general, you will be able to use the following principles to help your loved one or the person in need when it comes to person centered planning.

1. It is important to make sure the individual is the focus of the plans.

At all times and at every point in the decision making process, the individual needs to be at the center. This will include decisions on when the planning will happen and how it will happen. If the person wants to return to certain decisions, that is their choice as well.

2. The individual also invites who they want to the planning and arrangements team.

The planning team will be integral to the success of this plan for your friend or loved one. It is they who will collectively arrange many of the decisions you make. Only the individual at the center of the planning can choose these individuals.

3. It is the team members who will find and improve a natural support system of treatments and individuals.

The team members will spread out to carry out the wishes of the individual. It should always be the individual who directs the projects and processes that the team members organize and arrange.

4. Both formal and informal options of support can be implemented.

The team members and individual should keep in mind that formal services, such as those from adult day caring services and hospitals can be used. But informal services like help from friends and family members can be employed as well.

5. The individual themselves will be able to talk freely about their wants, needs and overall preferences.

To help individuals talk about their own plans and implement ideas, desires and needs, the rest of the team members should ensure that the appropriate accommodations are made for them.

6. Lastly, if an individual needs additional help to make these critical decisions, they will get that help while remaining the center of the decision-making process.

Sometimes, individuals need to have close friends or relatives at their side to help them make a critical decision. This should also be accommodated, but these individuals should never take over the dialogue.

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A Backup Camera For Safety: Avoiding Collisions

Some would argue that one of the greatest inventions for automobiles is the backup camera or rearview camera. The average person doesn’t know that the death of a small boy, who was ran over on accident by his father, was partially responsible for why most modern rearview cameras exist.

The NHTSA has been working towards forcing automakers to make rearview cameras standard in every future automobile. According to the regulations, automakers have until 2018 to make this technology standard in all passenger vehicles that are sold in the United States.

When you consider the fact that these cameras save lives, it’s easy to understand how beneficial they are. However, until 2018, consumers must make a judgment call and decide if a rearview camera is right for their vehicles.

Avoiding Collisions with a Backup Camera

Rearview cameras make backing out of a parking spot, driveway or sidewalk much safer. They help to prevent collisions between vehicles and property. About one fourth of all vehicular collisions occur when a driver is backing up.

Over half of these collisions occur very close to your home. The sad news is that 75 percent of all of these collisions can be prevented, but most vehicles don’t have a rearview camera installed, so the driver is far more likely to be involved in an accident when backing up.

Rearview cameras can help to prevent a vehicle from colliding with curbs, bikes, children and other vehicles. The camera gives the driver an additional set of eyes, which lets him or her see where there is normally a blind spot.

How They Work

A typical backup camera, like the one you would find on a modern vehicle, is roughly the size of a nickel. It’s usually mounted on the exterior of a car or SUV. It provides a real-time video feed of the space behind a vehicle.

Many of the newest cameras actually have sensors, which alert the driver when the vehicle is getting too close to an object. A lot of cameras have technology that displays guidelines onto the screen that displays the digital video feed from the camera.

While these cameras are incredibly useful for everyday passenger vehicles, they’re also very useful for large commercial vehicles. The blind spot that the drivers of large bulldozers must deal with is huge.

A backup camera helps to bridge the gap and lets drivers see what they can only see with a camera mounted to the exterior of the vehicle.

The Pitfalls of Backup Cameras

There is no doubt that rearview cameras increase convenience and safety, but they can cause drivers to get tunnel vision, which can encourage the driver to not use data from the rearview and side mirrors.

Some backup cameras can cost $1,000 or more to have installed, so they can be cost prohibitive for some drivers. However, if the technology can save even one single life or collision, it can instantly pay for itself.


Home Design: Choosing Furniture for Your Space

When the time comes to decorate your home, it can seem overwhelming to choose furniture for your space. While the possibilities are exciting, a project of this size and scope might appear to be a monumental task. The following suggestions can help you reduce the overwhelm factor and develop a strategy for choosing just the right furniture for your new surroundings.

Plan Out Your Room Design

Measure your space and give some thought to how many pieces of furniture you’ll need. Do you envision having end tables? Arm chairs? An ottoman? Then come up with a rough idea of where you think you’ll want to put each piece. Make a list of the items you are looking for, and take it with you when you shop.

Choose the Right Style Furnishings for Your Home

When choosing new furniture, the next thing you want to evaluate is your home’s architectural style. It’s important to preserve harmony between the building’s structure and its furnishings. If you have a mid-century modern style home, it would make sense to decorate it with similar retro mid-century modern furnishings. It would be appropriate to decorate your seaside cottage with vintage surf décor; the same furnishings would be likely to look out of place in a southwestern style adobe house in New Mexico.

Combine Several Patterns for Visual Interest

To make your space more interesting, you’ll want to consider incorporating several different coordinating patterns into the room. Don’t go overboard with this; you don’t want too many different patterns competing for attention. What you do want is a pleasant visual mix of patterns that is not overwhelming. Throw pillows, area rugs and wall art are all creative places to introduce interesting patterns into your space.

Selectively Use Furniture You Already Have

If you already have furniture, it’s a good idea to incorporate it into your new environment whenever possible. You can often re-purpose items as needed. You could re-paint the bookcase you used for organizing your college textbooks and transform it into shelf space for your child’s bedroom, for example.

Incorporate Heirloom Pieces Where Appropriate

If your family has handed down any heirloom pieces, evaluate whether they’d be appropriate to include as part of your interior design. They’ll be much more meaningful to your family than any furnishings you could buy at the mall.

Ask for Other Opinions

It can be helpful to ask your friends’ opinions about the various pieces of furniture you are considering. It’s especially important to seek consensus when narrowing down your final selections for the major purchases like couches. Tough decisions can become much easier when you have help.


Private Jet Charter: Best Way To Get To Your Destination

If you want to travel in a way that maximizes comfort and minimizes hassle, nothing beats a private jet charter. Whether you are planning a business trip or a vacation, this is a mode of travel that eliminates most of the things that people dislike about flying. A charter flight is more convenient and far more comfortable than even the most luxurious first class seating on a commercial flight.

Convenience of Charter Jet Flights

Hardly anyone enjoys the modern rituals of entering a busy airport, checking your baggage, waiting on a long line at security and boarding a crowded plane. A private jet charter allows you to escape all of these hassles. You will avoid the crowded terminals and board your plane at the charter company’s private terminal. There will be no lines for checking baggage or security. If you are driving your own car to the airport, you won’t even have to worry about parking. A valet will park your car.

This is not only a less stressful way to fly, it also saves you a great deal of time. On a commercial flight, you have to arrive at the airport at least an hour in advance. When you take a charter flight, you can take your time and not worry about missing the flight. While you are expected to arrive on schedule, the plane is not going to leave without you on a charter jet flight.The Comforts of Charter Flights

The advantages of a charter flight only become more obvious once you get on the plane and prepare to enjoy your flight. You can expect to have plenty of room, exceptionally comfortable seats and a wide range of amenities that are closer to what you’d find on a cruise ship than on a commercial airline. While airlines boast of how much legroom you get in business or first class, on a private charter flight, you will have a whole cabin to yourself. Your cabin is just for you and any companions who may be flying with you.

When it comes to meals, beverages and entertainment, you will have a wide variety of choices. You can arrange custom choices for your meals and expect dishes to be of top restaurant quality rather than typical airline fare. For entertainment, you’ll have access to a wide selection of music and movies.

Charter Flights Can be Economical

While chartering a flight is obviously more expensive than flying first class, it is more affordable than people often realize. If you are flying with a family, group of friends or business associates, it can actually be more economical to charter a flight rather than purchase separate tickets for everyone.

Charter flights are useful if you are traveling to a remote location where there are no commercial airports. Your only alternative in this case would be to fly to the nearest major airport and arrange ground or water transportation the rest of the way. A charter flight is faster and often more economical in such cases. Finally, if you are taking a trip with multiple destinations, chartering a plane is often more practical than buying several tickets for commercial flights.

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Beach House Real Estate: Owning A Home on The Beach

It might prove difficult to find someone who doesn’t want to own a house on the beach. For many, the ability to live in a house on a beach is a childhood dream. Some are able to save up enough money to purchase some beach house real estate while others can only continue to dream.

The thought of waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore can be very enticing. The beautiful color changes that take place in the sky as the sun sets are like icing on the cake.

What You Need To Know Before the Purchase

If you’re considering buying a beach house, there are some important bits of information that you should know. First, it’s crucial to research the location.

It’s recommended that you spend time in the area where the property is located before you decide to purchase. The deal could turn sour quickly if you move in and find out the neighbors are rude.

Check to make sure the property is built in a convenient location. Check out the local hospitals and stores. Consider whether there are restaurants, museums or movie theaters.

Find a Local Realtor

After deciding on a location, you’ll want to make sure to work with a local realtor for the area. While it might seem hard to justify the fee that you’ll have to pay a realtor, it’s almost always worth it.

Your realtor will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the property and area. A local realtor might even be able to tell you the weather patterns for the area.

Pay For an Inspection

Before pulling the trigger and purchasing a beach house, it’s important to hire a home inspector. Paying for a home inspection is especially important for coastal areas because they represent some unknown dangers that aren’t common with other homes.

Coastal weather conditions can be very different from what is experienced away from the coast, which can cause beach homes to degrade quickly.

Beach properties are also far more likely to have suffered flooding or similar moisture problems. By paying for a home inspection, you can hope to spot any potential issues before you purchase the home.

Consider an Alternative

There are two types of beach homes. One is actually located on the beach, also called a beachfront property, and the other is located just a short distance from the beach.

The cost of a beachfront property can be significantly more than what you would pay for the alternative, which is located a short distance from the beach.

For many, owning a home on the beach will remain a dream. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase such a beach house, make sure to use this information to your advantage.