9 Unique Activities To Do In Maui

In terms of unique travel destinations, Maui is among the top choices. It is a volcano island nestled amid lush tropical forests and crystal blue waters. Resorts abound on its shores while just off those shores, whales and dolphins delight tourists. Once you reach Maui, you will have discovered a travel destination like no other.

That said, some of the available tourist activities are very similar to those you might find elsewhere: dinner cruises, swimming, para-gliding. You do not need to travel to Maui to enjoy these activities. When it comes to unique places like Maui, you want unique things to do. Following are the top nine.

9. Sea turtles 

Group tours are available for people wanting to snorkel and swim with sea turtles. Weighing as much as 350 pounds, sea turtles are a peaceful mainstay off Maui’s shores. Make certain to purchase a water-proof camera for photos.

8. Luau 

Luau’s are traditional Hawaiian ceremonies that involve roast pig, pineapples, and native music and dance. As you dine and drink, native dancers recount the history of the islands. Against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, a Luau is the best way to enjoy the night and get a glimpse into Hawaiian mythology.

7. Pineapples

Fresh Hawaiian pineapple is something altogether different than pineapple bought out of a regular grocery store. More important, the best way to do this is to tour a pineapple farm where you will see fields of pineapple, growing on the ground. Yes, there are no pineapple trees. They grow out of the ground from a thick, sharp, leafy plant. After the tour, fresh pineapple will amaze your palate.

6. Snorkel in a volcano

In Maui, you can snorkel in the Molokin crater, the remnants of an ancient volcano. Beneath the waterfalls along the volcanic rim, you will take respite from the heat amid an unimaginably beautiful landscape.

5. The Naikalele Point Blowhole 

Just 25 minutes outside of Ka’anapali, you can hike to the edge of the ocean and witness one of Maui’s most famous geysers. It explodes every few minutes, reminding you of the volcanic heat and pressure just under your feet.

4. Blow glass

At the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, native craftspeople will help you blow your own glassware. Heated until it glows, dripping like hot ribbon candy, the molten glass will take any shape you can muster.

3. Avoid the sharks 

Actually, you will not be avoiding them at the Maui Ocean Center. Instead, certified scuba divers will accompany you as you dive with the sharks. Meanwhile, friends and family can stand just outside the 750,000 gallon aquarium and take pictures.

2. Mountain sunsets and sunrises 

Very few places allow you to witness sunsets or sunrises from a mountain top, but after a short trek to the summit of Haleakala, you can do just that–from the tip of Maui. Sunsets are especially amazing. Once darkness settles in, you can stargaze at the Maui Astronomy Center, viewing the universe via one of the center’s telescopes.

1. The Banyan Tree 

One of the most famous trees in the world is The Banyan Tree, located in downtown Lahaina. The tree was imported from India in 1873 and planted in front of the courthouse. At that time, it was no larger than a few feet. Currently, it stands at a height of more than 60 feet. Of course, this height does not sound terribly impressive. However, The Banyan Tree also happens to be the size of a city block.

Read that again. The tree is the size of a city block. Local arts and crafts fairs and town events are held beneath the tree. You can relax in its shade, take a selfie, and enjoy the views off the harbor.

In short, for unique holidays, Maui is the place to be. That said, these top nine activities are just the beginning. Many more diverse and amazing attractions exist. In a land born of Pele, goddess of volcanoes and fire, unique features are what you come to expect.

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Top 8 Luxury Destinations to Travel to in 2019

For those who put more travel at the top of their 2019 New Year’s resolutions, there’s never been a better time to travel to great luxury destinations. Here are eight of the most happening hotspots on the planet right now.

St Barth’s
Although it’s been popular with the jet-set—and yacht enthusiasts—for quite some time now, this island has never been more primed for passion or fun. People swoon about the celebrities they see, as well as the warm weather.

Those in the know like to hop on a Paul Gauguin cruise to explore beautiful Tahiti. Always a favorite of Marlon Brando, this sleepy paradise is a haven for those who really want to get away from it all.

There’s a reason why safaris are all the rage; offering people a chance to get up close and personal with wildlife, these trips can provide memories for a lifetime. For those who don’t want to sacrifice luxury, there’s the Four Seasons Safari Lodge. You may even see a giraffe peek through the window during your breakfast!

Abisko, Sweden
If you’re a fan of natural phenomena, it’s tough to find anything better than the aurora borealis, perhaps better known as the Northern Lights. And there’s nowhere better to spot these beautiful lights than in Abisko, Sweden. Venture out for some sledding with reindeer, and enjoy a magical region unlike any other.

Saint Kitts 
If you crave Caribbean scenery, some of the best volcanic views, riveting rainforests and clearest water can be found in gorgeous Saint Kitts. The architecture, harkening back to the colonial era, is equally stunning and memorable.

This is a place for adventurers. After all, many refer to the region as the “end of the world” for a reason. Boasting startlingly beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife, as well as some caves that have to be seen to be believed, Patagonia feels like a world unto itself.

Galway, Ireland 
For travelers seeking out a more low-key, luxe vacation, it’s all about Galway. The area is incredibly appealing to those who like to go somewhere English is spoken, and the locals are known for their colorful conversations. Rent out a room in a castle, and live like a real prince or princess while learning about how the Burke and O’Flaherty clans used to battle it out.

Arles, France 
If you’d like to visit the stomping grounds in which Vincent Van Gogh made his mark, you’ve got to stop by Arles. Located on the Rhône River, this sparklingly beautiful French town excels at serving up inspiration.

Indeed, there’s never been a year to get some more luxury into your life. Whether you’re packing your swimsuit or your skis, there’s something for everyone.


Booking Vacation Rentals: What You Need to Know

When you’re planning on vacationing in a specific destination, the room or house that you book can ultimately make or break the trip. For those who are wanting to secure the space ahead of time, it’s important to make reservations several weeks or months before arriving. When booking vacation rentals, there are a few important facts to know to score the right place.

Consider the Surroundings

You may be attracted to a low price on a vacation rental, but you should also be aware of the surroundings. Check to see if there’s a local grocery store nearby where you can stock up on snacks and breakfast items after arriving. You’ll also want to see if the area is safe to roam at night or if it has a high crime rate. It’s also crucial to see how close the vacation rental is to important attractions or sites that you’re planning on visiting.

Look Into the Noise Level

Booking a room on a busy street or in a downtown area can make for a vacation that is anything but relaxing. Look into the noise level of the area to determine if you’ll be able to enjoy a serene environment

Have Contact with a Property Manager

Before booking a vacation rental, you’ll want to know if there’s a property manager that you’ll be able to contact during the week if something breaks during your stay. Although it may seem like a minor issue, it can be a challenging week if there’s a leak in the home or if the toilet overflows.

Inquire About the Amenities

According to TheStreet.com, you’ll want to know about the amenities that are available with the vacation rental to determine if it’s worth the overall cost. Inquire about any luxuries that may include a spa bath or an on-site pool. There may even be a fitness center or someone who is available to keep the fridge stocked during your visit.

Consider the Square Footage

You may be excited to book a two-bedroom condo or a three-bedroom house for your trip, but that doesn’t mean that there will be a lot of space available. According to CNN.com, more people are renting tiny houses, which are often in prime locations for those who want to explore a certain city. Although this type of property may be ideal for certain travelers, it can make for a challenging time spent in a cramped space if there are multiple people arriving. Look into the facts of the vacation rental and ask yourself why it may be priced so low if you’re getting a deal that seems too good to be true.



Disney’s Parks Plan for Star Wars Expansion

Following their acquisition of Lucas film in 2012, Disney has been slowly ramping up their stake in the Star Wars franchise. With the impending release of Star Wars Episode 7 getting ever closer, things are really starting to pick up. At the D23 expo this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the company’s plans for Star Wars Lands, two massive additions to its Anaheim-based Disneyland and Orlando-based Walt Disney World. The attractions will be spread across 14 acres, the largest single-themed area in Disney park history.

The Star Wars Land in Disneyland will be built in the Big Thunder Ranch location, one of the parks’ least developed and visited locations. Details on the specifics of the attractions have been scarce so far. Supposedly, the Land will be set on a new planet on the distant edge of the galaxy, which has never been seen in any previous Star Wars films. Iger announced that there will be a Cantina area, as well as an attraction that gives people a chance to ride the Millenium Falcon.

The other announced attraction, based on a battle between the New Order and the Resistance, draws on material from the upcoming trilogy. No material from the prequel or originally trilogy has been announced thus far, so it seems that the focus will be on the future of the franchise rather than the past.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see these parks for ourselves for a while. Construction begins in 2017 and will likely not being finished until 2019. In the meantime, Disney has other Star Wars-related plans to tide over fans. And of course, they are also trying to take away some attention from Universal Studios’ upcoming Harry Potter-themed land, Wizarding World West.

A West-coast version of the immensely popular The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, launched in Orlando in 2010, Wizarding World West will be coming to Universal Studios in 2016. Disney’s early announcement of Star Wars Lands was likely an attempt to steal some of Universal’s thunder, and take the attention off Potter. Disney also has plans in 2016 for the Season of the Force, an event with a Star Wars themed redux of Space Mountain, a Star Wars fireworks show, and a new restaurant called the Galactic Grill.

Disney clearly has big plans for Star Wars, and they are escalating quickly. After the Christmas release of Episode 7, things will probably move even faster, as merchandising gets even more saturated and products continue to roll out. In the meantime, we can only dream about what the Disney Imagineers are cooking up, and look forward to more details on Star Wars Lands to provide a new hope for Star Wars fans everywhere.


How Sea World is Doing After Blackfish

When the documentary “Blackfish” was released at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, the filmmakers had no idea that it would spark a revolution that would later be known as the “Blackfish Effect.” What was originally produced as a means to tell the story of an orca named Tilikum and the Sea World trainer he killed, has caused big waves in the world of animal activists and politics, changing Sea World forever.

The film focuses on the capture of Tilikum as a young orca, his captivity at Sealand of the Pacific and Sea World and the three trainers he is responsible for killing. Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau’s death sparked the making of the documentary. The film alleges that orcas are not dangerous to humans in the wild but that captivity causes them to become aggressive, that captivity decreases the lifespan of orcas and that removing orcas from their natural habitat is emotionally damaging to the killer whales.

No immediate effect was seen after the movie aired at the independent film festival. When it was picked up by Magnolia Films and CNN Films and given a wider release, however, Sea World became the center of controversy. Popular song artists and performers cancelled their concerts in 2014 with the theme park, upcoming films edited out scenes that were filmed at SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines ended their 26-year relationship with the aquatic theme park. By the end of the year, Sea World experienced a $15.9 million loss.

Lawmakers became involved after their constituents raised concerns about orcas being kept in captivity. The Orca Welfare and Safety Act was introduced by California lawmakers, which would require that killer whale captivity for entertainment purposes be banned. In New York, legislation was also proposed that banned keeping orcas in captivity. In June 2014, an amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Act that required the Animal Welfare Act be updated in regards to cetacean captivity passed in Congress with unanimous support.

SeaWorld changed it’s policies due to public concerns following the film. Following Brancheau’s death, OSHA required that all trainers be in barriers away from the animals, no longer performing together in shows. At the end of 2014, Sea World announced that it would build larger environments for the whales and will fund additional research to protect ocean health.

SeaWorld become a public company on April 19, 2013, with its initial public offering set at $27 per share, quickly rising to over $32 by the close of the day. The company raised $702 million from the deal. After the widespread release of “Blackfish,” however, stocks plummeted. In 2014, Sea World reported low admittance, which didn’t meet the theme park’s expectations for the year. This caused the stock to fall by 31 percent by the end of the year. Currently, stocks prices are still low, averaging approximately $18 a share.

Despite low attendance and dropping stock prices, Sea World employees are hopeful that things will soon turn around. Experts say, however, that the “Blackfish Effect” may continue to harm Sea World for some time to come, unless Sea World can change their focus from entertainment to education.