How-to Decorate Your House With Antique Furniture

The decor and style of your home is a reflection of your personality and taste. If you want to create a cozy and inviting setting, consider decorating your house with antique furniture that has plenty of character. If you want it to complement the environment and look beautiful in each room, there are a few ways to decorate your house with the furnishings.

Mix the Antiques with Modern Accessories

Many people assume that antique furniture doesn’t work well in a modern environment, but modern and antique features have plenty of chemistry when paired together, according to Consider using antique accent chairs in the living room where there are modern decor items on display. You can also use an antique dining table and pair it with contemporary chairs to create plenty of visual appeal.

Use Pieces from Different Eras

Prevent the setting from looking too uniform by using antique furniture items from different eras. Many people make the mistake of using pieces that look similar, which can look dull. Layer your home with items from various periods to create a comfortable setting that doesn’t feel like a museum. Mingling with different styles will make the house look less uniform by doing too much of one thing.

Make it the Focal Point

Don’t be afraid to pair an antique claw bathtub with a chic vanity if you want to make the vintage furniture the focal point in the room. Choosing an item from the 19th century will make it stand out and more eye-catching when it’s the only antique piece in the room, according to

Reupholster the Furniture

If you want to update the antique furniture and make it more functional in your home, consider reupholstering a loveseat or chair that you purchased. You’ll create a rustic look that still blends in with the design of the rest of the home. You can also consider sanding down and restaining some of the wood on pieces that are worn down and have lost their beauty. You can vamp up the look of the item and bring it back to life to make it stand out in the entryway or living room.

Keep Everything Close

Instead of keeping your antique furniture out of reach in rooms that aren’t used, place everything in common areas of the home that are frequented to ensure that it’s seen and appreciated. It’ll make for an excellent conversation piece that allows you to enjoy the items that you purchase.

Decorating your home with antique furniture doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the right tips followed, you’ll create a beautiful setting that has a high level of visual appeal.

Written By Ryan Cooper