How to Avoid Damaging Your Brand New Tile

To protect tile flooring, you must use gentle cleansers because harsh chemicals will make the tiles less glossy. You’ll also need to invest in a few helpful accessories in order to prevent accidental damage throughout the year.

Cleaning Advice

Ammonia-based cleaners and bleach products should never be used on tile flooring. The chemicals in these types of cleansers can easily fade the grout over time. Since tile is a delicate material, you must use a mild cleanser during every cleaning session.

To remove a heavy stain, scrub the spot gently with a mop or a cloth. Abrasive scrubbing powders and rough wool rags are not recommended because they will scratch the tile‘s finish.

Immediately after fruit punch or coffee spills on the floor, wipe up the liquid with a mop or a paper towel. If the beverage remains on the floor for an extended period of time, you’ll have problems removing the stain because the liquid will seep into the grout and the tile.

If a severe stain generates on the grout, you can probably remove it by using a non-acidic cleaner. If the stain won’t go away, scrub the area continuously with a slightly stronger cleaning product. To eliminate all of the debris, use back and forth and circular motions throughout the scrubbing process.

Dirt can scratch tile surfaces quite easily, so you must sweep or mop your floors to protect the finish. Typically, you can mop the tiles once a week, but you must sweep the floors thoroughly every day because dust particles generate very quickly.

Helpful Accessories

Although tile is a hard material, the surfaces will chip if you constantly slide heavy furniture over the finish. To protect your investment, buy a few furniture sliders and put them underneath your tables, sofas, and chairs.

Each time you step into your home, dirt underneath your shoes will drop on the floor. This is why you must place a door mat near each door that leads into your house. The thick padding will capture a lot of the dirt that’s found underneath shoe soles.

If your vacuum has a beater bar, you shouldn’t use the appliance on your floors because the bar will scratch the finish. You can only vacuum a tile floor if the device has a button that deactivates the beater bar.

Additional Considerations

Your flooring will remain in great condition for a long length of time if you invest in a good sealer. During the application process, you must follow the manufacturer’s curing instructions and recommendations. No matter what type of sealer you choose, you’ll have to apply the solution on the flooring evenly. Then, you’ll need to mop the floor thoroughly before the sealer dries.

Written By Ryan Cooper