First Time Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a New Car

Many first time buyers are confused about the process of purchasing a new car. From finding the right model to making proper payments, there are many daunting steps involved. Here are a few tips that can be followed to help simplify the process.

Choose Model 

One of the first steps when buying a new car is deciding which model. Even within the purview of cars, there are multiple different kinds. Sedans are perhaps the most common car model that typically have four doors and standard engines. Coupes are car models that have been outfitted with more performance-oriented components. First time buyers should consider their primary needs and choose a car model based from those requirements. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for a family of four to buy a convertible with only two seats.

Test Drive

Once a buyer has decided on a car type, it is time to go for a test drive. This is the best way to determine how a car performs and whether or not it would make a good purchase. First time buyers can test drive models that catch their eye or recommendations from car dealers. It is important to test drive the car on the highway as well as on normal roads. When seriously considering a purchase, buyers should feel free to ask for a longer test drive. Dealerships should have no trouble accommodating these requests for serious buyers.

Compare Prices 

Unlike buyer used vehicles, the price of a new car isn’t negotiable. However, this doesn’t mean that potential buyers have to suffer the first price that they see. In fact, it is easier to find affordable deals today than ever before. First time buyers need to take time to compare the prices of different dealers in order to find the best option. Besides driving from dealership to dealership, buyers can also use the internet for this research. There are websites that can show side-by-side price comparisons for the same vehicle, making it much easier to find the best deal.

Consider Payment Options

Few first time car buyers will be able to afford a new vehicle in total. Most buyers have to put down an initial payment and then pay a monthly fee until the total cost is paid off. As this will become a monthly expense for many years, it is critical that first time buyers consider their payment options and their ability to make these payments. Failing to make these payments can end up hurting credit scores and could even end up with a loss of the vehicle.

Buying a car for the first time can be an anxious endeavor. Following these four tips can help get first time buyers started in the right direction.

How to Master the Boho Chic Style

The boho chic look is not for everyone. After all, it’s a little bit risky. Whenever you set out on a bold new style path, you’ll want to figure out how you can do it best. First, you must realize that boho chic style isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. This means that you won’t want to make over just your wardrobe; you’ll want to extend those boho chic vibes to your home as well.

At home, boho chic is all about unfinished wood and other unconventional touches. For instance, one could even incorporate whimsical nautical flair or steamer trunks. Boho chic is about abandoning high polish in favor of something unvarnished and a little bit wild, but still upscale. Vintage oil paintings can also help to increase the boho aesthetic. Paint colors that give off a New Orleans vibe are almost always considered boho, as are textured knick-knacks here and there.

In order to make your wardrobe more boho chic, there are actually a few shortcuts you can take. A floppy, fabulous hat will always be considered boho, and it even helps to protect your head from the elements! For men, a trip to Goorin Bros might be in order. An affordable way to do boho chick involves going to the thrift shop for scarves, sunglasses and other accoutrements. For women, one of the most popular boho chic shops is Anthropologie. Although their products do tend to be pricey, they can often be found on secondhand sites such as Thredup and Poshmark. With boho chic, the most important quality is to look effortlessly bohemian and chic. You don’t want to seem as if you spent a lot of time into putting together your outfit, even if you did!

Indeed, boho chic style demands that you always appear as if you’re going to a music festival. Braids are all the rage for women, and men might want to look into some rocking facial hair. It’s the perfect type of aesthetic for someone who wants to look like an artist—but a rich artist. If you appear as if you rolled out of bed looking perfect, then added a few accessories, you’re doing boho chic the right way. In an Instagram world that often seems very “done”, this is a style that makes everything look carefree and convenient. It’s more of an attitude than anything else, looking well cared for while also seeming as if you don’t spend hours in front of the mirror every day. Slouchy handbags, vintage leather and beautiful bangles all perfectly complement the boho chic look, but it’s important to remember that pulling off this style demands more of a confidence factor than anything else.

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Government

If you have waited at the Department of Motor Vehicles, then you know how fast government moves. Government digital transformation and digital adoption run at a similar pace. However, government officials are recognizing the need to update systems and provide constituents with services that are comparable to those delivered in the private sector. Here are five areas of digital transformation that are trending with government agencies and officials.


Automation is a way for government to get lean. By using automated processes, government agencies can cut back on low-level, contract and seasonal employees. You can find these automation transforming tax collection departments, licensing and auditing.

Secure Platforms

It’s difficult for any agency, private or public, to embark on a digital transformation journey without taking security into account. Before automating systems and upgrading data collection efforts, governments seek secure platforms that have regulatory and compliance standards baked into the code.

Data Collection and Visualization

An efficient data collection system means nothing if the data cannot be accessed and analyzed in meaningful ways by those who need it. Using data visualization and improved government websites, businesses and community members gain the ability to understand the area’s metrics. If you are interested in building a business in a certain area, government data can help you see the average income in the area. You can also track crime statistics, housing costs and future development plans. This information is used to build a stronger community.

Citizen-Focused Dashboards

Dashboards tie in with security, back-end platforms and data collection as well as customer service. Intuitive dashboards appeal to community members who have grown accustomed to handling transactions digitally. Individuals can renew their drivers’ licenses online. They can view their property taxes. They can even track their ballots during an election season.

When these dashboards are part of a secure platform, citizen data is safe and positive interactions are fostered. In addition, citizens have an entry point through which they can log complaints, suggestions and compliments. Agencies can conduct surveys and dispense information regarding community meetings and events.


Government employees and citizens are used to gathering information and making decisions using mobile devices. A secure platform that features mobile capabilities, mobile apps, responsive websites and other mobile-friendly development strategies increase interaction. When a government is spending tax payer money on digital transformation, one of the worst things that can happen is for the public to experience difficulty accessing the content or otherwise finding the technology a waste of time.

Government agencies are also experimenting with internet of things technologies, especially in the area of utilities. But the five trends listed above are gaining traction because of an expected high return on investment and increased community participation.

Top 8 Luxury Destinations to Travel to in 2019

For those who put more travel at the top of their 2019 New Year’s resolutions, there’s never been a better time to travel to great luxury destinations. Here are eight of the most happening hotspots on the planet right now.

St Barth’s
Although it’s been popular with the jet-set—and yacht enthusiasts—for quite some time now, this island has never been more primed for passion or fun. People swoon about the celebrities they see, as well as the warm weather.

Those in the know like to hop on a Paul Gauguin cruise to explore beautiful Tahiti. Always a favorite of Marlon Brando, this sleepy paradise is a haven for those who really want to get away from it all.

There’s a reason why safaris are all the rage; offering people a chance to get up close and personal with wildlife, these trips can provide memories for a lifetime. For those who don’t want to sacrifice luxury, there’s the Four Seasons Safari Lodge. You may even see a giraffe peek through the window during your breakfast!

Abisko, Sweden
If you’re a fan of natural phenomena, it’s tough to find anything better than the aurora borealis, perhaps better known as the Northern Lights. And there’s nowhere better to spot these beautiful lights than in Abisko, Sweden. Venture out for some sledding with reindeer, and enjoy a magical region unlike any other.

Saint Kitts 
If you crave Caribbean scenery, some of the best volcanic views, riveting rainforests and clearest water can be found in gorgeous Saint Kitts. The architecture, harkening back to the colonial era, is equally stunning and memorable.

This is a place for adventurers. After all, many refer to the region as the “end of the world” for a reason. Boasting startlingly beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife, as well as some caves that have to be seen to be believed, Patagonia feels like a world unto itself.

Galway, Ireland 
For travelers seeking out a more low-key, luxe vacation, it’s all about Galway. The area is incredibly appealing to those who like to go somewhere English is spoken, and the locals are known for their colorful conversations. Rent out a room in a castle, and live like a real prince or princess while learning about how the Burke and O’Flaherty clans used to battle it out.

Arles, France 
If you’d like to visit the stomping grounds in which Vincent Van Gogh made his mark, you’ve got to stop by Arles. Located on the Rhône River, this sparklingly beautiful French town excels at serving up inspiration.

Indeed, there’s never been a year to get some more luxury into your life. Whether you’re packing your swimsuit or your skis, there’s something for everyone.

7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Montana

Montana is known as “Big Sky Country”, and while this is far from an understatement, there is a lot more to this glorious state than its natural beauty! With many great educational institutions, a thriving tech industry, and many close-knit, and friendly communities, there is something for everyone. To help you take the plunge and make your decision to move to Montana, we’ve brought together 7 good reasons for doing just that!

Many Amazing Cities To Choose from

Montana has many great cities to move to, two of which have ranked highly on lists of best places to live! Places such as Bozeman and Missoula are considered some of the most livable cities in the US, so if you’re considering a move, consider one of these great places for your new hometown in Montana!

Lots Of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor beauty and recreational activities are plenty in the amazing state of Montana! It’s estimated that over 80 percent of the state’s population take part in some form of outdoor recreational actives throughout the year which makes it especially enticing for the outdoorsy types!

Great Education System

There are many amazing colleges and universities in Montana which make it a great choice for those looking to continue their education. Whether you’re looking for a 2-year degree at one of Montana’s many community colleges, or a world-class 4-year degree at one of its great universities, you’ll find just the right place to further your education!

Thriving Technology Industry

When one thinks of Montana, the tech industry is probably the last thing that crosses their mind. Things are changing though, and Montana is home to a thriving technology sector which offers up many great jobs for those in the market and generates a lot of revenue for this amazing state!

The Brawl of the Wild

For those into a little community activity and togetherness, The Brawl of the Wild is something that may interest you. The Brawl of the Wild is an annual college football game between the Montana State Bobcats and the Montana Grizzlies which brings many people from across the state together for a night of fun!

A Haven For Writers

If you’re into literature and are a big reader, Montana is the state for you! The city of Livingston is considered a literary enclave and many well-known authors call it home! Some of these authors include Doug Peacock and Thomas McGuane, amongst many others! Many of the countries top writers call this area home and with organizations such as the Elk River Arts & Lectures bringing together lecturers and writers for readings, discussions, and workshops regularly, there is a lot of action going on in the literary world of Montana!

Diverse Wildlife

For animal lovers of all types, Montana offers a diverse array of wildlife to observe and coexist with! With a diverse landscape and ecology, over 100 species of mammal call this great state home! Some of the more prominent animal residents of Montana include bighorn sheep, eagles, bison, and bears to name a few!

If you’re looking to jump ship and move to a different state, Montana should be a strong contender! With a little something for everyone, Montana is hard to pass up. From its bustling tech industry to its vast wilderness and diverse wildlife population, it really does have it all!

7 Interesting Facts to Know About Making a Fishing Net

If you consider yourself outdoorsy, you probably have caught a fish or two. If you’re really serious about fishing, you’ve assuredly used a net. Have you ever considered making one of your own? It could be a serious game-changer for your fishing experience. Here are seven interesting facts to know about making a fishing net.

1. Easy to make

A fishing net is such a pleasurable thing to construct in part because of how little effort it takes. As you continue, you’ll likely find it to be an immensely relaxing hobby.

2. Few materials

Don’t think that you need to have all sorts of elaborate tools at your disposal in order to make a fishing net. With as little as gauges, material (such as nylon), and needles, you can make an impressive and study net.

3. Cost-effective

Consider the cost of the materials needed to construct a fishing net compared to the cost of buying one from the store. You could make a whole bundle of fishing nets for the cost of a single store-bought one. Plus, you have the bonus of knowing that it came from your hand.

4. Different materials

While most nets today are made of nylon or similar materials, you don’t have to be limited to that. There are all kinds of materials that you can use, including wool. If it’s strong and able to be weaved, you can make a fishing net out of it. Just make sure it doesn’t disrupt the health of the underwater ecosystem.

5. Doesn’t take long

Think that making a fishing net means that you’ll have to carve out your whole day in order to complete it? Think again. With enough practice, you can be making fishing nets in under ten minutes. Take your time when learning and see just how much it pays off.

6. Introduction to sewing/knitting

While you might not immediately compare crafting a fishing net to mending a torn shirt or knitting a scarf, there are certainly similarities. It all requires meticulous focus and patience.

7. Help to salvage damaged nets

If you have a fishing net that is ripped, you won’t have to throw it away. With your newly developed skills, you can make worn-out nets as good as new, if not even better.

Making a fishing net is about more than just having a new vessel to catch fish with. It’s also about taking pride in your handiwork and attention to detail. When you have a net made by yourself with care, you can feel all the more invigorated as you catch those fish.

5 Killer Ideas for Teacher Gifts

Almost every graduate can recall at least one teacher who left a lasting impression on them. Unfortunately, not every student can think of something to give their favorite teacher on May 8th, Teacher Appreciation Day. This guide has been written in order to inform those students, or their parents, of some notable items to give that special teacher.

  • A Success Card. One of the best things a teacher can receive is tangible proof that they had a positive effect on a student’s life. While a simple letter covering a former student’s success and his current lot in life, there is nothing stopping him from sending a card loaded with illustrations and photos. Delivering the card or letter in person is just the cherry on top.
  • Crafting materials/school supplies. Teachers are mostly left on their own when it comes to doing anything special with their classes. Gifting craft paper, stamps or even just a gift card to craft stores can be just the thing a teacher needed. School supplies are just as welcome, especially when it comes to materials like spare pencils, highlighters and graphing paper.
  • Coffee. Teachers are just like any other professionals who start their day early in the morning; coffee is an appreciated means of waking up the senses and keeping energetic until the lunch bell rings. Any student looking to get their teacher coffee as a present should try to figure out if the teacher has a particular favorite flavor, or if they would rather prefer to receive caffeine in the form of chocolate of some other caffeinated drink. A student could go the extra mile by including a thermos with his gift of coffee.
  • Skill games. Any game that can foster social skills in a teacher’s class, especially if the student happens to like that game, is a good idea to gift a teacher.
  • Something from a wish list. Some teachers are a bit more proactive with their potential gifts than others. If a teacher reveals she had a wish list on a site like Amazon, ThinkGeek, or some other store, this cuts out a lot of the guess work in finding the perfect item for that teacher; all the student needs to do is to pick something from the list, have it delivered to his address and then gift wrap it.

Just like shopping for any other professional, giving a welcome gift to a teacher is a simple matter of research and awareness. Remember what supplies and equipment the teacher is often running low on, what she really appreciates and what she has dropped hints concerning and choose something matching those needs.

4 Items To Pack With You On A Fishing Charter Trip

Fishing charters are designed to take your fishing experience to the next level. A fishing charter company has a team of fishermen that take you out on a well-equipped boat and help you make the most of your day. You won’t have to worry about knowing how to use the equipment, operating the boat, or aiding in cleaning your catches. Experienced fishermen know the best places to take you out to fish. Like most things, fishing is all about planning. It’s important that you pack the proper items to ensure a stress-free trip. Here are four essentials that are indispensable throughout your fishing charter trip.


When traveling on the open water, it’s vital that you bring multiple layers of clothing even in the warmest locations. You can’t always rely on the sun to keep you warm nor will there be much shade. You’ll want to make sure you can add or take off outer layers if need be. A windbreaker will keep you warm early in the morning and protect you from the spray. Pack or wear shorts if you’re going to a tropical location, and pants if you’re not. Lightweight shirts such as linen will protect your upper body from sunburn. In warmer destinations, choose light-colored clothing to keep you cool. Gloves will keep your hands protected from line cuts, sunburn, and adverse weather conditions. Since you will be handling fish, rubber sole closed shoes are recommended that you aren’t worried about getting ruined.


It can be challenging to wade through a foreign pharmacy, especially if there are language barriers. You also can’t always rely on access to the medications you need. It’s safer to bring medicine and aid you might need in case of an illness or emergency. If you’re prone to seasickness, take Dramamine or Bonine a few hours before the trip. Bug spray is a must, especially when traveling on the water. Carry along a small first aid kit that contains antiseptic and bandaids to deal with minor cuts on the boat.


Pack a variety of containers and bags to carry your belongings on board to protect them from sea salt damage. Collapsible coolers are ideal to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold. Stay hydrated keeping your water in a sports bottle that won’t leak or spill. Waterproof zip lock bags are always a good idea to keep your fishing license, electronics, and passport safe.

Equipment And Tackle 

It’s best to rely on equipment provided by your fishing charter. However, if you must bring your own, take only the necessities. Bring flies, lures, and terminal tackles and ask them which ones work best. You can also rent what you need at a local shop before you dock, saving you more travel space.

Whichever destination you choose and regardless of the fish you intend to catch, fishing charters are an exhilarating, fun, and rewarding experience you won’t forget.

7 Key Actions To Take Following An 18-Wheeler Accident

An accident with an 18-wheeler can be a scary ordeal. Such accidents may lead to you being in shock. Regardless of the mental state you are in it is important to eventually follow the recommended tips below.

Move your vehicle 

If you are involved in a minor accident, then it is your responsibility to remove your car from the highway. Sometimes moving your vehicle is not possible, especially if you have sustained an injury or injuries or if the vehicle is no longer drivable. If any of those situations apply then you should wait for the police.

Remain on the scene 

Some accidents don’t cause an injury or much damage. Due to this fact, some people may feel that there is no need to stay at the scene of the accident so that simply leave. This is not recommended because some injuries may show up later, such as back or neck pains.

Contact the Police 

This is an important step because it gets law enforcement officers involved. The police officer investigates the wreck, collects statements, and takes the initiative to remove the wreckage and debris from the highway and surrounding areas.

Request medical attention 

If you have sustained injuries let the law enforcement officer know immediately or call 911. An emergency service agency will then respond to your call or request by showing up to the scene of the accident. They will provide emergency care or they may transport you to the hospital if needed. Even if you do not feel any pain at the time of the accident it is still recommended to seek medical attention. In some cases, pain or injuries do not become apparent until hours after the accident.

Collect information

The law enforcement officer will collect information from each of the parties involved in the accident and you should do the same. Since you already have your information, get the basic information of the other party involved. Basic information includes: names, addresses, phone number, license plate number, insurance information, and the name of the company that employs the driver of the 18-wheeler.

Collect Evidence 

If you are able bodied then you should also collect evidence. Evidence includes taking pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident and the scene of the accident. Also, write down the names and contact information of any and all eye witnesses.

Contact legal representation. 

An accident can affect you in more ways than one. Bodily injuries can cause you to miss work or have an accumulation of doctor bill. In addition to bodily injuries you may also endure the mental anguish that prevents you from waiting to drive again. Due to all the damages that an accident with an 18-wheeler may cause, it is recommended to contact legal representation so that you will be properly compensated.

An 18-wheeler is a huge truck so any accident involving one is to be taken seriously. Your mind and body can be affected by the accident so it is important to follow all the above tips. Following the tips can help you to get through the ordeal and properly get compensated.

How to Use Data Analytics to Increase Your Sales

The online marketing world is driven by analytics, data, and numbers. Even bloggers, advertisers, and publishers are driven by data analytics. Here are some ways that you can use data analytics to drive more sales.

Choose the Right Direction

Your business needs to generate as much traffic to your website as much as possible so you can convert visitors into paying customers. You should employ several strategies such as e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid marketing. Use two or three of these strategies, in the beginning, to see which ones work.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to use as many strategies as possible. Quantifying and analyzing your data can help you determine which marketing methods work. Which method drives sales?

Where should you invest most of your resources? Data analytics will give you an idea of which methods are bringing customers to your website. Once you have this information, you can focus more on marketing, rather than trial and error.

Make Use of Targeted Marketing

Take your efforts even farther with targeted marketing. Use this data to tailor products and services to your target market. Which audience should you focus on?

This should one of the most important questions. Creating a study and gathering this data can help you get a better understanding of your core audience. That way, you can base your marketing efforts on your target audience.

Use Predictive Analysis

Your goal should be to attract your customers and get them to buy your product. How should you reach them? What are the best ways to attract your customers?

This is something else that can found through the power of predictive analytics. If your business has been around for a while, use the data to study consumer behavior and understand which forms of engagement produced the best results. Based on these results, you can create an effective marketing campaign that drives more sales.

Drive Down Costs

With these ideas in mind, you can create better marketing campaigns. This means that you can be more specific when engaging with customers, creating ad campaigns that work, and implementing the right marketing methods. This leads to lower costs and a higher return on investment (ROI).

This should be the goal of your business. A successful business is created out of cutting down expenses and reaping the benefits out of your investments. Thanks to data analytics, you can achieve this goal without facing repercussions.

Create Better Products

A business needs to keep up with its industry. How can your business evolve? By constantly improving your products and services.

Keep creating products and services that benefit your customers. Data analytics can help you understand shopping habits and market trends. What are customers buying in your market?

Data analytics can help you find the answer to this question. With this information, you can create a product that has a high success rate in the market. This helps you make more money in the end.

Businesses have discovered the importance of data analytics. They know what they want to do with that data. They are finding ways to invest in predictive and data analytics.

If you want your business to reach new heights of success, it’s important that you find ways to gather data. Now is a good time to invest in analytics. Come up with a plan that helps you get the most out of your data analytics.