How to Properly Pack for a Cross Country Move

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful live events, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and a lot of packing, your can make your move stress free. First, there are some things you need to consider.

1. Will you be using professional movers or are you a do it yourself person? 
Professional movers will come in and pack up your whole life in a day, and you don’t have to deal with anything else until the truck shows up on the other side of the country. If this is an option you choose to utilize, remember to take pictures of all of your possessions. If anything shows up broken, the photos will help you file a claim with the company. Packing yourself entails a little bit more, so read on if you decide to move without the help of professionals.

2. Downsize before you move 
There’s no better time to purge your possessions than before you pack them all up. There is a worse time though, and that’s after you’ve already paid to move it all. That clunky, heavy chest of drawers you’ve been debating getting rid of, donate. Do the same with your excess clothing and home décor. Your wallet and your new home will thank you.

3. Pack each room separately and label the boxes accordingly 
Putting in some extra work on the front of your move can make unpacking a breeze. Without labeling the boxes, your dishes could end up in your bedroom and your clothes could be in the garage. Don’t pack items from multiple rooms into one box and clearly mark them.

4. How to actually pack the boxes 
Take the time to use wardrobe boxes. Keeping your clothes on the hangar means they can go straight into your new closet. Use space bags for folded clothing. It protects clothing from moisture and saves space. Take the time to wrap your breakable items individually. Shirts and socks can double as great packing paper.

5. Are you moving with children or animals? 
Regardless of whether or not you are moving with children or animals, you’ll need to leave some things out for yourself. Think about the climate you’re travelling to, and leave yourself out about a week’s worth of clothing. Do the same for any children you might be moving with. Animals will need some creature comforts as well. Leave out some toys, a bed and feeding bowls.

The most important thing when you’re moving cross-country is to remember you’ll get through it. Packing and moving may seem to last forever, but it doesn’t. Stay focused on your goal, and get started packing up your home.

Written By Ryan Cooper