Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Government

If you have waited at the Department of Motor Vehicles, then you know how fast government moves. Government digital transformation and digital adoption run at a similar pace. However, government officials are recognizing the need to update systems and provide constituents with services that are comparable to those delivered in the private sector. Here are five areas of digital transformation that are trending with government agencies and officials.


Automation is a way for government to get lean. By using automated processes, government agencies can cut back on low-level, contract and seasonal employees. You can find these automation transforming tax collection departments, licensing and auditing.

Secure Platforms

It’s difficult for any agency, private or public, to embark on a digital transformation journey without taking security into account. Before automating systems and upgrading data collection efforts, governments seek secure platforms that have regulatory and compliance standards baked into the code.

Data Collection and Visualization

An efficient data collection system means nothing if the data cannot be accessed and analyzed in meaningful ways by those who need it. Using data visualization and improved government websites, businesses and community members gain the ability to understand the area’s metrics. If you are interested in building a business in a certain area, government data can help you see the average income in the area. You can also track crime statistics, housing costs and future development plans. This information is used to build a stronger community.

Citizen-Focused Dashboards

Dashboards tie in with security, back-end platforms and data collection as well as customer service. Intuitive dashboards appeal to community members who have grown accustomed to handling transactions digitally. Individuals can renew their drivers’ licenses online. They can view their property taxes. They can even track their ballots during an election season.

When these dashboards are part of a secure platform, citizen data is safe and positive interactions are fostered. In addition, citizens have an entry point through which they can log complaints, suggestions and compliments. Agencies can conduct surveys and dispense information regarding community meetings and events.


Government employees and citizens are used to gathering information and making decisions using mobile devices. A secure platform that features mobile capabilities, mobile apps, responsive websites and other mobile-friendly development strategies increase interaction. When a government is spending tax payer money on digital transformation, one of the worst things that can happen is for the public to experience difficulty accessing the content or otherwise finding the technology a waste of time.

Government agencies are also experimenting with internet of things technologies, especially in the area of utilities. But the five trends listed above are gaining traction because of an expected high return on investment and increased community participation.

Written By Ryan Cooper