Top 8 Luxury Destinations to Travel to in 2019

For those who put more travel at the top of their 2019 New Year’s resolutions, there’s never been a better time to travel to great luxury destinations. Here are eight of the most happening hotspots on the planet right now.

St Barth’s
Although it’s been popular with the jet-set—and yacht enthusiasts—for quite some time now, this island has never been more primed for passion or fun. People swoon about the celebrities they see, as well as the warm weather.

Those in the know like to hop on a Paul Gauguin cruise to explore beautiful Tahiti. Always a favorite of Marlon Brando, this sleepy paradise is a haven for those who really want to get away from it all.

There’s a reason why safaris are all the rage; offering people a chance to get up close and personal with wildlife, these trips can provide memories for a lifetime. For those who don’t want to sacrifice luxury, there’s the Four Seasons Safari Lodge. You may even see a giraffe peek through the window during your breakfast!

Abisko, Sweden
If you’re a fan of natural phenomena, it’s tough to find anything better than the aurora borealis, perhaps better known as the Northern Lights. And there’s nowhere better to spot these beautiful lights than in Abisko, Sweden. Venture out for some sledding with reindeer, and enjoy a magical region unlike any other.

Saint Kitts 
If you crave Caribbean scenery, some of the best volcanic views, riveting rainforests and clearest water can be found in gorgeous Saint Kitts. The architecture, harkening back to the colonial era, is equally stunning and memorable.

This is a place for adventurers. After all, many refer to the region as the “end of the world” for a reason. Boasting startlingly beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife, as well as some caves that have to be seen to be believed, Patagonia feels like a world unto itself.

Galway, Ireland 
For travelers seeking out a more low-key, luxe vacation, it’s all about Galway. The area is incredibly appealing to those who like to go somewhere English is spoken, and the locals are known for their colorful conversations. Rent out a room in a castle, and live like a real prince or princess while learning about how the Burke and O’Flaherty clans used to battle it out.

Arles, France 
If you’d like to visit the stomping grounds in which Vincent Van Gogh made his mark, you’ve got to stop by Arles. Located on the Rhône River, this sparklingly beautiful French town excels at serving up inspiration.

Indeed, there’s never been a year to get some more luxury into your life. Whether you’re packing your swimsuit or your skis, there’s something for everyone.

Written By Ryan Cooper